Swift Ecotherm Heater



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Swift Ecotherm Heater

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Ecotherm is a hydronic heater which draws heat from your hot water unit. Using approximately the top 5-6 degrees of temperature. Circulating it back to the hot water system to be re used and kept at normal temperature.  Not requiring out side ventilation. The ECOTHERM Heater can be run using gas or electricity. Fully WaterMark certified as per the new regulations which have come in 2017

  • Easy to Install,
  • Connects to the inlet & outlet lines of the Hot Water Tank,
  • Comes with a heater exchange, circulating pump and
  • Wall thermostat controller.
  • Can be run on either 240Volt electric or gas.
  • Operates at a pressure of 400Pa.
  • Air discharge temperature approx. 40`C
  • No fumes produced and does not require any flue to outside.
  • Low cost heating.
  • Able to have heat while using your hot water system. Eg for showers and washing up.
  • No fumes.
  • Can be installed anywhere in your van. Eg under beds, in cupboards.
  • Light weight.
  • Operates on 12 Volt D.C supply.
  • Heater can be mounted on its side.

Dimensions of the heater box
300mm (W) x 310mm (D) x 160mm (H)

The SWIFT ECOTHERM HEATER has been designed to work in conjunction with the SWIFT HOT WATER SERVICE.

It can also work with most other 20+ ltr HWS brands.

Please message any queries.



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